Children’s Hearing

Children’s Audiology Service

As Head of Audiology at Bupa Cromwell Hospital Scott carries out specialist hearing tests for children. This is a seperate clinic run by the Bupa Cromwell Hospital. Offering various tests we can determine hearing levels at any age from 10 months upwards. Children seen within this clinic should be referred via their GP, Paediatrician or ENT Doctor, and are generally referred for concerns about hearing, balance or speech and language delay.

Children’s Audiology at The Cromwell Hospital

Comprehensive range of Paediatric hearing tests

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, Play Audiometry, Tympanometry and Otoacoustic emissions. Diagnosing a wide range of hearing disorders including Glue Ear

Specialist Paediatric Audiologists and Consultants

Working alongside over 10 Paediatric ENT consultants we can also refer immediately when required

Collaborative approach with other Paediatric services

We have a dedicated Paediatric department within the hospital including a speech therapy department

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