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Digital Hearing Aids

Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Whether you’re looking for help to hear in background noise, a hearing aid that’s invisible, rechargeable or can connect your phone, at Drummond Hearing we’ll find the right hearing aid for you.

We offer the latest in digital technology from a range of the world’s leading manufacturers including Phonak, GN Resound, Oticon, Starkey, Widex and Sivantos. The hearing aids we use can be fine tuned exactly to your hearing loss and lifestyle. Along with advances in sound, the style and shape of hearing aids have dramatically evolved.

Types of Hearing Aids

You may be surprised how much hearing aids have advanced. There are a variety and styles and fits available. At Drummond Hearing we’ll help you choose the right hearing aid for you.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

No more fiddly batteries to change. The latest hearing aids now use powerful lithium ion battery technology meaning you never have to buy and change batteries again.

Invisible Hearing Aids

These bespoke hearing aids fit snugly into your ear canal, making them almost invisible. With fully automatic technology, so there is no need to manually adjust hearing aids.

Bluetooth Technology

Many of the latest hearing aids use Bluetooth to connect your hearing aid to your smartphone. This means you can use hearing aids to answer phone calls, listen to music or watch films.


Custom made hearing aids that fit entirely in the ear or ear canal rather than behind it.


A thin wire with a speaker at the end which is placed into the ear canal, leaving the ear open for natural sound quality.


Resting on the back of the outer ear, this more traditional hearing aid provides exceptional amplification, generally used when more power is required.

Hearing Aid Prices

We offer all-inclusive hearcare packages to suit your requirements and lifestyle, which include a comprehensive hearing assessment annually, the hearing aid fitting and all follow up appointments.

  • Premium
  • £ 5000
    for a pair of hearing aids
    • Premium range of hearing aids
    • Appointments for five years
    • Extended five year warranty
  • Advanced
  • £ 3500
    for a pair of hearing aids
    • Advanced range of hearing aids
    • Appointments for three years
    • Three year warranty
  • Essential
  • £ 2000
    for a pair of hearing aids
    • Essential range of hearing aids
    • Appointments for two years
    • Two year warranty

All our Hearcare packages include advanced diagnostic testing. Learn more about what to expect during a hearing test

Hearing Aid Batteries

Some of the latest hearing aids benefit from rechargeable batteries, however, there’s a wide range of models that still require a battery change.

Many of our hearing aids are powered by batteries of various sizes to keep you hearing and get the most out of your hearing aid. At Drummond Hearing we only stock Rayovac, top quality hearing aid batteries, specially designed for the latest high performance hearing aids. We supply these batteries in packs of 6. Each battery is safely sealed until you are ready to use it, in easy-to-open packaging.