Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment

Your very own Audiologist

Personalised, consistent one to one care by Scott, your dedicated Audiologist and Hearing Aid Consultant

Care made for you

We take time to get to know each patient. Hearing loss is different for each person so we make sure we understand your lifestyle to provide the best solution for your hearing loss

State of the art facilities

Access to state of the art facilities including two purpose built sound proof consulting rooms and advanced audiological diagnostic testing equipment

Our Process


Initial assessment

Your first visit to Drummond Hearing will start with an initial discussion with Scott, to gain an understanding of your personal hearing situation and requirements. This helps us build your individual management plan to achieve your hearing goals.


We then carry out a number of examinations and tests. First we perform Video Otoscopy, an examination of the ear using a camera to check the health of the ear canal and ear drum. Next is a hearing test called Pure Tone Audiometry, this is the main test used to determine your minimum hearing levels. Finally, Tympanometry will test the middle ear function. We can determine if there’s any pressure abnormalities in the ear, or if you have any fluid blocking the middle ear.


We’ll talk you through the results and discuss the options available to treat your hearing loss, such as recommending the most suitable hearing aid, or advice on appropriate treatment if necessary

Hearing Aid fitting

If hearing aids are required we’ll individually program them to ensure you can hear at your best. This is a 60 minute consultation where we fully explain how to use and maintain your new hearing aids. We’ll fine tune the aid using Real Ear Measures (REMs) to measure its performance once fitted to your ears. We then check you’re happy and comfortable with the sound.

The second half of the appointment involves getting acquainted with the new hearing aids. We’ll spend time talking you through how to use the aids so you feel confident and get the most out of them.


Hearing Aid follow up & On-going aftercare

As you become accustomed to your new hearing aids, we’ll make fine tune adjustments to ensure it’s all working perfectly over 2 or 3 follow up appointments.

Our inclusive aftercare service offers peace of mind, further check-ins if you need help with any questions or repairs. Additionally, we’ll invite you back for an annual hearing assessment.

Hearing Assessment service

If you have any kind of hearing loss or ear-related pain and discomfort, a hearing test is vital to determine what’s wrong and the best course of treatment. Our comprehensive 60 minute hearing assessment detects any signs of hearing loss, and identifies the type of hearing loss you are experiencing.


Appointments usually last 60 minutes and include a hearing test plus in-depth 1-on-1 assessment with Scott

Full diagnostic assessment of your hearing using advanced audiological testing equipment

We work closely with leading Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultants should you require referral

We’ll answer any questions and recommend the most suitable hearing aid, or advise on appropriate treatment if necessary

Trusted By Patients

From my first visit to Scott till now, I’m happy to be able to hear again and have a regular life. Scott is patient, knowledgeable and accommodating. If you have a problem with hearing loss there are technologies available today that can change your life, so don’t wait in seeking expert advice and care

Jan Mol

IT Entrepreneur

I have had the honour and pleasure of being treated for my hearing loss by Scott over the last 10 years, not only is Scott a kind and affable person but his competence at his profession is unquestionable. Without any reservation whatsoever I have the greatest pleasure in recommending his services

Basdeo Panday

Former President of Trinidad and Tobago

I was referred by my ENT specialist to see Scott, and have been happy with his service for a number of years now. Scott has a personalised approach, coupled with products that suit my lifestyle. If you’re looking for help with your hearing, in my opinion, go and see Scott

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

British Explorer