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Hearing Consultation

Initial Consultation & Hearing Test

Your first visit to Drummond Hearing will start with an initial discussion with Scott, to gain an understanding of your personal hearing situation and requirements. We then perform Video Otoscopy, which involves putting a camera into the ear to check the health of the ear canal and ear drum. This is followed by a hearing assessment, comprised of a hearing test called Pure Tone Audiometry, this is the main test used to determine your minimum hearing levels. Finally, Tympanometry will test the middle ear function. We can determine if there’s any pressure abnormalities in the ear, or if you have any fluid blocking the middle ear.

Hearing Aid Fitting

If hearing aids are required we’ll individually program them to ensure you can hear at your best. Real ear measures (REM’s) are an essential test to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed and fine-tuned exactly to your specific ear. We put tiny tube microphones into the ear, we then measure sound in the ear with the hearing aids on and off, making fine-tune adjustments at the same time. We then check you’re happy and comfortable with the sound. The second half of the appointment involves getting acquainted with the new hearing aids. We’ll spend time talking you through how to use the aids so you feel confident and get the most out of them.

Hearing Aid Follow Up and On-going Aftercare

An opportunity to discuss how you’re getting on with your new hearing aids. If necessary fine tune adjustments can be made. Our inclusive aftercare service offers peace of mind, come and see us any time you like, we can help with any questions or repairs. Additionally, we’ll invite you back for an annual hearing check up.